Thursday, April 30th 2009 (14:30h-18:00h)
Prof. Barry van Driel (International Association for Intercultural Education, Anne Frank House -Holland)
WORKSHOP "Where Human Rights collide?"* (Onde colidem os Direitos Humanos?)
*The workshop will be held in English (with some occasional translation into Portuguese).
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April 30th 2009 (14:30-18:00h)
E.Learning Café –Univ. Porto [Campus Asprela –Porto]
Metro: Pólo Universitário (Linha D)
In this workshop, Barry van Driel, will first explain the general concept relating to the project Free2Choose. Free2Choose is an international Project that looks at where the boundaries are of various fundamental Freedom rights (e.g. freedom of speech, freedom of religion). The project encourages young people to debate and discuss their opinions regarding these rights. After introducing the project, Barry will show approximately 12 of the video clips that have been made to encourage debate.
That mainstay of the next three hours will be devoted to actually practicing two of the debate methodologies included in the accompanying teacher manual, using 2-3 of the clips shown.
The afternoon will end with a reflection on the clips, the methodologies used, and the applicability in a Portuguese context.


Este Seminário é uma iniciativa do INTER-CULTURAL:ciclo de eventos com o apoio do Mestrado em Intervenção Comunitária da ESEPF e do Instituto Paulo Freire Portugal.

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